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Vision and Mision

Our Vision

It is our prime motto to prepare the best nurturing dimension for a young mind so that it can bloom properly, full of determination and knowledge. We, the team of Nav Jeevan Adarsh Public Sr. Sec. School, pledge to scout the uncharted and create new heights of education in an encouraging environment.

It is our vision to create an impeccable school community where our students will participate, learn, earn knowledge, excel and feel proud. The achievements earned will make them good team members and responsible citizens of our country. Our educational programs are dynamic and prone to constant up-gradation. It is not confined within the walls. Knowledge and experience can be gathered indoors and outdoors. We also believe that a student will progress well when he follows a well-formatted curriculum that takes care of education and extra-curricular activities. It is our sole responsibility to develop like skills apart from academia and careerist attributes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become India’s one of the best educational platforms where the students, teachers, and parents can work maintaining proper collaboration for the betterment of our future stalwarts. We also dream of creating an unbiased educational platform where everyone can get the same knowledge, grooming, attention, and motivation from our teachers.

We have very strict and proactive regarding safety, hygiene, and the environment. It is our duty to make every student feel comfortable and impart knowledge in the most scientific way. Our curriculum is designed in such a way that a child’s emotion and personal features are nourished. It is with our guidance that a student will become a logical thinker, independent, intellectual, active, and compassionate.

We cultivate integral values, logic, and life skills in young minds so that they can find out the differences between good and bad. It is our mission to maintain this fostering environment where our students can learn and become a leader in the future.


NJAPS has provided a great platform for education and grooming for my child. Every student is cared individually by all the staff members.

Naveen Rustagi
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